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May 10, 2007

Michael Moore Being Probed

Yes I know, the visual brought up by this post's title is a disturbing one, but I assure you it's not what you think. Moore may be facing a probe by the Treasury Department for violating trade and travel violations with Cuba.

For those of you who have been doing your best to ignore Moore-related news, he brought some ill 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba for medical treatment in order to, er, prove how much better the Cuban healthcare system is than the one here at home, all a part of his movie.

Jim K. had this to say about Sicko over at Moorewatch:

Heres the problem(s) with this typical Moore trick: One, we have no way of knowing who has access to the hospital he chose. Can the average poor person in Cuba walk in like he did? Two, hes co-opting 9/11 again to make another dump truck full of cash, just like he did the last time. Three, one can walk in to any hospital in America and be treated. They cannot refuse to treat you. Four, its quite possible that Moore lied just to get these people involved...

Perhaps Moore took them to this facility.


Remember there was one guy who saw through Moore's ploy. Joe Picurro of Tom's River, NJ said, "I would rather die in America than go to Cuba."

As with Moore's other films, what ends up on the cutting room floor may prove to be more educational than what we see on the big screen.

And one might wonder if Moore has seen this study coming out of Sweden, regarding how British cancer patients are less likely to survive a bout of cancer due to less access to life-saving medications (h/t Blue Crab Boulevard) than other European countries. Britain, as you know, has the lovely NHS that provides you with "free" healthcare.

Here's the best part:

The proportion of colorectal cancer patients with access to the drug Avastin was 10 times higher in the US than it was in Europe, with the UK having a lower uptake than the European average.

Still want to go to Cuba with Michael Moore? Here's hoping the government sticks it to him, and good. (And I hope they remember to use rubber gloves.)

h/t: Michelle Malkin

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