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May 11, 2007

Moonbats Masquerading as Republicans

This week, American Thinker posted a piece I wrote entitled The Danger Within, about the six Muslims who were arrested in New Jersey for plotting an attack against Fort Dix. I received a number of responses, some negative, some positive. However, I found this one quite amusing:

The New Jersey Six "jihadists" sound more like the gang that couldn't shoot
straight then a threat of any real consequence. If they're truly guilty of
violent intent, they should, of course, be punished to the fullest extent of
the law. However, the greatest threat to what remains of American Liberty
does not come from a absurd knot of pizza delivery men and 7-11 clerks but
from the lying clique of neoconservative traitors that has highjacked [sic] the
Republican Party (my party), lied us into a completely unnecessary and
illegal war, and trashed the Constitution in the process.

These criminals (Cheney, Rumseld, Perle, Wolfowitz, Feif, Bolton, Kristol,
et al) should be tried, convicted, and executed for high treason and war
crimes. It is unfortunate that in George W. Bush, for whom I voted, they
found an empty suit who believes in nothing but expediency and served as a
blank slate upon which these filth have written this tragedy.

As my blogging buddy Charles says, "real Republicans don't use the code words this idiot peppers his email with."

Rush Limbaugh points out that libs often call in to talks shows like his and claim to be either Republicans or conservatives before they begin the criticism. "I voted for Bush, but blah blah blah." This is the same scenario.

That he would dismiss the men who planned on storming Fort Dix and mowing down as many soldiers as possible in the name of Islamic jihad shows just how much he really cares about our military. Remember, it's not just soldiers on a military base, but many civilian employees as well. Should we be cheering the fact that non-military folks would have been caught in the middle of this?

There are conservatives who disagree with the handling of Iraq, and there are plenty of conservatives who disagree with Bush's tendency toward big spending and his appalling stance toward our borders (Unfortunately, Bush is in good company on both sides of the aisle regarding the borders.) Regardless, I don't know any true conservative who would say Bush and others in his administration should be tried and hung as traitors.

Likewise, the claim that Bush deliberately misled the public about intelligence leading up to Iraq has been debunked.

And if this guy really did vote for Bush as he claims, doesn't he bear some of the blame for helping to put that "empty suit" in office?

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Posted by Pam Meister at 10:56 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0) | Leftwing Lunacy

Sorry, Pam, but as usual, I'm just not buying most of your arguments. The only "code word" I'm seeing is that he disagrees with the war and is angry at the Republicans. The commenter you posted sounds a lot like a friend of mine who ended his tour in Iraq by getting shot in the face. He is still a staunch Republican in all the traditional ways, but he is seriously furious at his party right now after seeing all this from a GI's perspective. There's no reason to believe that your commenter didn't vote for Bush -- (almost) half the country did, even though his approval is hovering in the high twenties these days.

And "moonbats" are pretty dead-set against capital punishment, so to speak. Lynchings included, last I checked.

Posted by: Ro at May 11, 2007 06:25 PM

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