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May 11, 2007

Get Your Carbon Debits Here!

Sick of rich liberals buying carbon offsets so they can continue to heat/cool/power their multiple mansions and jet back and forth between them in their private planes without feeling guilty? Tired of the same rich liberals telling you what you should recycle, how you should light your home, how you should travel and how many children you should have?

CarbonCreditKillers.com is the place for you! They'll kill a tree by shredding it, send you an e-mail confirmation, and send Al Gore an e-mail letting him know that you are on to his carbon offset scheme.

Debits are available for $5 each, and make a great birthday gift. Don't forget, Mother's Day is this weekend, and Father's Day comes up in June. Tired of giving Mom flowers and Dad a tacky tie? Give them one of the deluxe carbon debit packages available, as well as a lovely t-shirt. Don't forget to get one for yourself!

(Why can't I ever come up with great ideas like this?)

Letting liberals know you aren't buying into their cr@p!

h/t: Moonbattery

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Posted by Pam Meister at 02:15 PM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0) | Global Warming Hype

Linked! That's hilarious!

Posted by: rightwingprof at May 12, 2007 06:55 AM

this is crazy

Posted by: jamal at May 13, 2007 09:54 AM

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