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May 18, 2007

Amnesty Ads May Be in Five Languages

It used to be that immigrants did what they could to assimilate into the society they wished to become a part of. Now, it's the society that's doing its best to assimilate in order to meet the needs of the immigrants in the name of multicultural sensitivity.

That's bad enough, but when it's illegal immigrants we bend over backwards for, that really gets in my craw.

According to Jim Boulet Jr. of English First,

"The Senate has been seriously considering literally begging illegal aliens to accept amnesty and doing so in at least five languages."


"Amnesty for 12 million law breakers is bad enough...Groveling before these illegal aliens begging them to accept amnesty in at least five languages is the sort of thing that drives Americans crazy about our immigration and language policies."

Michelle Malkin is on top of the latest amnesty bill information. Ace of Spades urges you to contact your senators and demand that the bill be read on the Senate floor (h/t Larwyn). Hot Air is on the case as well.

THIS IS UTTER AND COMPLETE GARBAGE! Why on God's green earth do we have immigration laws if those who flaunt said laws get rewarded by what amounts to amnesty? Every single country in the world has immigration laws. It's nothing new. Why are Americans expected to make exceptions? And what does this say to the many law-abiding immigrants who follow the rules to become citizens, waiting years and spending big bucks in the process? Are they worth less than the lawbreakers? If I were a legal immigrant vying for citizenship, I know I'd be really ticked off right now.

To quote the great one, Mark Levin: Do these Republicans ever learn? . . . Do they understand that a majority of the American people, whether theyre Democrats, Republicans, or nothing, have had it up to here with illegal immigration and they dont want to subsidize it?

That these ads would be in five different languages is simply adding insult to injury.

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