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May 24, 2007

Islam vs. Islamists UPDATE: PBS Will Allow Broadcast

From the Washington Times:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) announced a joint agreement yesterday to make "Islam vs. Islamists" available to the 354 Public Broadcasting Service member stations across the nation as a "stand-alone" TV program, with a little extra embellishment.

"We plan to distribute the film to any public broadcasting station that wants it. We'll package it and also produce some sort of discussion to accompany the film, and give it some context," OPB President Steve Bass told The Washington Times yesterday.

"There has been a lot of debate on whether this program needed editing. Some said yes, some no. When you're dealing with an object of controversy, it is better to let the audience draw their own conclusions," Mr. Bass said.

"As stewards of the investment in public broadcasting, this fulfills our responsibility to the taxpayer," CPB President Patricia Harrison said yesterday.

The often-disquieting 52-minute film explores the struggles of moderate American Muslims at the hands of their radical brethren and gives details about a "parallel" Islamist society that is slowly but surely developing within the U.S. borders. The film was produced by conservative columnist Frank Gaffney Jr., founder of the Center for Security Policy, filmmaker Martyn Burke and Middle East scholar Alex Alexiev.

Goodness, let the audience draw their own conclusions? What a concept! It's going to sweep the nation! As for responsibility to the taxpayer, you're darn tootin'. It's our tax dollars that paid not only for the creation of this film, but also for the salaries of the likes of the high-and-mighty Patricia Harrison.

We may have to wait a few months, but the film will be aired by those stations who wish to. I have to wonder, though, what the "extra discussion" will be about. Still, it's a victory.

If you're one of those who wrote to PBS letting them know of your displeasure, pat yourself on the back! And be sure to contact your local station and let them know you want them to air it. We the people...doing the work those on our dime won't.

In the beginning: Islam vs. Islamists: Trailer Online

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