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June 14, 2007

Angelina Jolie Not a Fan of a Free Press

Angelina Jolie must take her cues from the Democrats.

How else to explain her attempt to ban FOX News channel and all FOX affiliates from covering the premiere of her upcoming flick "A Mighty Heart"? Or her insistence of making interviewers sign an agreement to avoid certain questions (like those about her relationships) and that if violated, she would be free to terminate the interview and confiscate the tape?

Quoting an AP reporter who canceled a scheduled interview,

"I wouldn't sign it. Who does she think she is?"

Who indeed? Perhaps she equates herself with wannabe royalty. While she was in Namibia last year with Brad Pitt, they wouldn't allow any journalists other than those from Namibia to be present at their reception with Sam Nujoma, who has been Namibia's "president" for the last 25 years. Oh, I forgot to mention he's also the minister of information and broadcasting. He must have given them a few good tips on dealing with the media.

How ironic that in the upcoming movie, Jolie is portraying the wife of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and brutally beheaded by Islamist terrorist thugs as he investigated the case of shoe bomber Richard Reid and ties between al-Qaeda and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.

But actors and actresses don't need to learn life lessons from the parts they play. Collecting a nice fat paycheck and looking down on the unwashed masses who fork over money to see them on the silver screen is good enough.

UPDATE: Newsbusters blogger Warner Todd Huston wonders (typos in original corrected):

Do none of these Hollyweird people have even the tiniest ability at introspection? Or are they so absolutely sure of own god-like status that the fallibility of ordinary man is beyond their ken in their minds? Are they so focused on their ultimate goals that the path to them is immaterial? Is integrity such an unknown concept out on the left coast?

No. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Better than the rest of us...and then some

h/t: Cookiewrangler

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