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July 11, 2007

Thinking the Best of America

I know I've been MIA today, but it's been a busy day at the office. However, I'd like you to read a great piece written by my friend Jonathan Strong. He's a Canadian living here in the US (and hoping to be a citizen someday), and wonders why Americans today tend to dwell on the worst of their country, rather than the best:

The mistrust of government is compounded by the lack of historical perspective and knowledge that exists in the citizenry itself. This reality is a result of the failure of the education system to inform students of Americas great history, despite its faults. Every nation has its faults, but many Americans seem intent on dwelling on their nations past wrongs when it is much more valuable and important to recall how America has recognized its failings and then gone to great effort to right these wrongs (i.e. affirmative action, the Civil Rights Act, etc.).

You can read more here at Family Security Matters. Jonathan is now going to be contributing regularly to FSM (yay!), and he also blogs at StrongConservative.

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