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August 23, 2007

Staying Informed -- Making a Difference

That's the title of my Family Security Matters piece this week. A smidgen:

What would Jefferson, or any other of those brilliant men who created our country out of whole cloth, think of a citizenry that meanders blithely on with more thought for pop culture than the serious issues of the day? What would they think of our education system, which concentrates its efforts on multicultural pursuits that divide, not unite, and devalues the contributions of a bunch of dead white men, preferring to focus on the missteps of our people rather than our triumphs? What would they think of their heirs, todays politicians, who put party politics before national security and other important matters?

Read the whole thing here!

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Excellent article! So true and sad...

Posted by: Jeanette at August 23, 2007 10:38 AM

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