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November 07, 2007

Tonight on Family Feud: Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens? Survey Said…

My article over at Family Security Matters today. Here's an excerpt:

Newsflash to Washington insiders: a majority of Americans are not in favor of illegal aliens being in their country, much less receiving privileges and entitlement programs being handed out like cocktails at a party at the Kennedy compound. If you’d bother to get out of Washington a little more often and talk to the folks “down here,” you might know that. Our displeasure about the “amnesty” bill over the summer and the recent Dream Act proposal were not mere quirks, but it’s how we really feel. We don’t work hard and pay our taxes just so millions of interlopers with extended palms can reap the benefits of “privileges” they didn’t earn.

Be sure to read it all here.

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