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November 29, 2007

Once More, With Feeling: Pop Culture and the Presidency

My article at FSM today:

But seriously, when Americans begin to salivate over a candidate only after an overpaid, out of touch entertainer living in a ritzy Malibu cocoon makes The Announcement as to whom she is backing, its time to discuss priorities. Thats not to say that the glitterati shouldnt have an opinion on presidential candidates. Most everyone has an opinion, including you, me and the mailman, and those opinions will come into play when we all head to the polls next November. But when I want an educated opinion about who will do the best job in steering this country through murky waters infested with illegal aliens, Islamist terrorists and serious financial issues, the last person I plan on turning to is one whose claim to fame is singing You Dont Bring Me Flowers and Im the Greatest Star.

Read it all here.

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