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December 07, 2007

When Racism Isn't

A fireman in Boston was set upon by thugs -- beaten up and stabbed. Fortunately he's recovering. The fireman, who happens to be white, was attacked by Hispanics who said during the attack that they "don't want any gringo here."

(Of course, if gringos are the ones who are expected to put out the fire in that neighborhood, they'd better get there PDQ.)

That racism is alive and well doesn't surprise me, sadly. Neither does this:

...police are not classifying the incident as racially fueled...

The double standard that exists in our nation today is appalling. White perp, victim of color? Hate crime. Other way around? Just an ordinary crime, not worthy of special attention.

To me, the notion of "hate crimes" is preposterous, because the laws that exist cover assault, murder, etc., no matter what the color of your skin, where you came from, what religion you observe or, these days, who you sleep with. But when so-called "hate crime statutes" do exist and they are only enacted when a certain someone is the victim, well, that gets my blood boiling. It's obvious that they exist soley to "make whitey pay" for any and all past injustices. This is what's called "social justice," and it's rubbish.

h/t: Moonbattery

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You are just mad because you are WHITE! Racist!

I have no idea what to say about this other than, "Those Damn Mexicans, why don't they go back where they belong; to California."

Posted by: Two Dogs at December 7, 2007 12:55 PM

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