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December 13, 2007

Waterboarding: 'Surfing' For the Truth

My article about waterboarding should get the usual knickers in a twist:

Lest we forget, Saddam Hussein was one of the pioneers in the art of modern torture. His minions indulged in the quaint practices of cutting out tongues with razors, tossing dissidents into plastic shredders, public beheadings and the infamous rape rooms. Yet we were wrong to depose him because Iraq was, er, more stable under his brutal rule, right?

But lets get back to waterboarding. As the confirmation hearings for Michael B. Mukasey as attorney general loomed back in October, Democrats and some Republicans indicated that unless he denounced waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques they would oppose him. (Despite his refusal to categorically define waterboarding as toture, Mukasey was confirmed by a 53-40 vote.)

The entire read is here.

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I have never understood those who have objected to using water boarding as a interrogation device. I always thought that the general idea in interigating someone WAS to scare them within an inch of their life so they would divulge information. There has been no physical damage ever mentioned. And it is used by the military in training, and Fox News reporters have even undergone it. (maybe the major networks need to each contribute a reporter to undergo it so they would understand it better).
As for any psychological damage it could be no worse then that will be faced by a minority child who is facing a probable life of pimping, drug pushing or prison because the NEA will not allow school choice and so prevenat that child from obtaining a quality education to avoid that stress.

I am a Republican Candidate for President who is spending the third of what will be twenty-four days in New Hampshire making direct contact with voters before the New Hampshire Primary.

Vern Wuensche

Posted by: Vern Wuensche at December 15, 2007 04:37 PM

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