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March 07, 2008

Bombing of Times Square: Military Target an Afterthought

My latest at FamilySecurityMatters.org today:

Consider the dearth of good news articles coming out of Iraq (and Afghanistan). Back before the surge was implemented a year ago, you couldnt get away from articles about the violence in Iraq and the ghoulish accounting for the death of each and every soldier. Articles about schools being built, wells being dug, and other accomplishments by our soldiers for the betterment of the lives of Iraqis were practically ignored. And now that the surge has proven to be highly successful in the year since its inception, alls quiet on the Iraqi front. Now the news is all about the economy and how were about to have our second Great Depression. After all, the media has to have something negative to harp on in an election year.

Read it all here.

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