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April 30, 2008

Identity Politics is Bad for America

My latest over at Pajamas Media:

What used to be the Great American Melting Pot has turned into the Not-So-Great American Salad Bowl. Instead of taking the best that different Americans have to offer and adding it to a rich, savory stew that everyone will enjoy, they prefer to toss separate grievance groups into a bowl and drown the resulting mishmash in a mucky house dressing labeled multiculturalism, pleasing no one but the one who wields the salad tongs.

Its no wonder that vegetarians tend to be liberals. (I know; I used to be both.) The holier-than-thou attitude vegetarians often have about telling other people how to eat goes hand in hand with the holier-than-thou attitude liberals in general have regarding telling other people how to live their lives.

Divide and conquer: thats what identity politics is all about. Encouraging folks with different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc., to separate themselves from the larger group and demand special treatment and consideration means its easier to gain their vote by promising various and sundry handouts to keep them all happy.

Read it all here.

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