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May 02, 2008

Britain's Labour Party Receives Major Drubbing

The local council elections in Britain are turning into a nightmare for the ruling Labour Party. The BBC reports:

Gordon Brown has admitted a "bad and disappointing" election for Labour, as the party suffered its worst council results in at least 40 years.

BBC research suggests Labour won 24% of votes cast in England and Wales, behind the Tories on 44% and Lib Dems on 25%.

In total Labour lost 331 councillors and key councils like Reading. Tory gains include Bury and North Tyneside.

Britain has been a Socialist paradise for years now. But things may finally have hit the tipping point: it's possible that the citizens are finally starting to tire of the expensive government programs subsidized by higher and higher taxes, coupled with the multiculturalists' slow eradication of British culture.

It doesn't help that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (whom my friend Adrian always refers to as the "unelected" prime minister...he simply stepped in when Tony Blair stepped out) gave their citizens the finger by signing the EU treaty rather than allow the citizens decide with a referendum as promised. That and his idiotic stance on how to define Islamic terrorism (unfortunately being echoed recently by the Bush administration) may have been enough to convince Brits to say, "Enough!"

I asked Adrian for his thoughts on the election results. After gleefully declaring that it was "a good day -- knowing the anti-democratic sod Gordon Brown has egg all over his face," he sent a follow-up with a more thoughtful and detailed analysis:

Some analysts yesterday, when poll results were coming in, tried to suggest that the figures were a protest vote against Labour/Gordon Brown.

Shortly after that, they were saying that the patterns of voting were so decisive that the phenomenon was not a mere protest vote but a total rejection of Labour policy.

And the implications for the party are really bad.

Today there was another bit of news against Brown.

He has been so anti-democratic. He was not elected, and Labour got into power in 2005 on a manifesto promise of having a referendum on any European "constitution". The European Treaty he signed is a constitution, and man people -- even Labour supporters -- feel betrayed.

And this poor result for a man who has not been elected by the people could mean a revolt in Labour ranks.

Which is what I want to see. If Labour is fighting over its leader, there is more incentive to have a general election. And Labour would lose a general election -- from yesterday's vote.

If the party is fighting, it would be unelectable. That is what happened when John Major (Tory) had a revolt from his party (again over Europe). The Tories went out of power for a decade.

Hopefully Labour will just die as a party. They could not get into power for years because no-one wanted socialism any more. Blair appealed to right-wingers, even though he later betrayed them. Gordon Brown is a boring old Marxist. And thus is out of touch with the electorate. His views belong to another era -- the 1960s and 1970s, when workers were going on strike and bringing the economy to the brink of stagnation.

By general election, Adrian refers to a parliamentary election, where Brown's seat (and others in parliament) would be up for grabs. Unlike the U.S., the Brits don't have what we would call federal elections every two or four years. Legally there must be a general election held five years and one month after the previous one, but they can be called by the party in power at any time. So with this pathetic performance by Labour in the council (local government) election, Britain may be seeing a general election in the near future.

And speaking of London mayor Ken Livingstone (affectionately referred to as Red Ken for his Commie-like tendencies), it looks like he's on the way out too.

Is this the beginning of a reversal of Socialized Britain as we know it? I don't know. But I surely hope so. A great nation has been brought to its knees by Socialist/multicultural claptrap. I'm hoping they get it together so they can stand tall once again.

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