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August 10, 2008

American Men Whoop Some French Ass in the Pool; Smash French in 4x100 Freestyle Relay

Silly Fwenchies...gold medals are for Americans!


So exciting...just finished watching the men's 4x100 freestyle swim relay and the French, who were going to "smash" the Americans (per Alain Bernard) ended up being smashed by Michael Phelps, Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak and Garret Weber-Gale. (Hope I got all the names right.)

Sweet, sweet victory. My family and I were jumping up and down screaming at the television, watching it all unfold live.

The Fwench were unavailable for comment...just as it should be.

Will update with a link and photos in the morning...this happened just over half an hour ago, so nothing's up online yet.

UPDATE (Monday 8 am): Here's a link to story about this incredible relay race. What makes this even better is that Jason Lezak, who swam the final leg of the relay, is the oldest male American swimmer on the team (age 32)...and Alain Bernard, the blowhard who wanted to "smash" the Americans, is the one who lost it for his team. Had he not been such an ass before the event, likely this post would not have been written...

Below are photos of our men savoring their well-earned victory. Go USA!



UPDATE TWO: Oh, one of the French swimmers, Amaury Leveaux, said, "A fingertip did the victory. It was nothing." I doubt it would be "nothing" had the French won by a fingertip. Call the wahmbulance.


"A fingertip did the victory. It was nothing." Waaah!

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Posted by Pam Meister at 11:56 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0) | Sports

That was sweeeeeeeet!!!

Suck our chlorinated wake water, Monsieur Bernard!

Arrogance is never so becoming as when it is turned on its ugly little head!


Posted by: Mr. Right at August 11, 2008 01:41 AM

A French Victory? A bit oxymoronic - don't you think?

Posted by: NewtownMark at August 11, 2008 01:28 PM

Great race! (And I love the beefcake pics too...)

Posted by: Ro at August 12, 2008 04:04 PM

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