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August 21, 2008

Obama’s Poll Numbers Are ‘Slip Slidin’ Away’

My latest at FSM:

According to historic precedent, the stars favor Democrats this year as a sitting president’s approval ratings usually have a large impact on whether voters will pull the lever for the same party’s candidate. Currently, President Bush’s ratings are hovering around 30% - hardly anything to write home about. (Yet considering job approval ratings for the Democrat-led Congress are less than half that, Bush looks like he’s the head boy, beating out Nancy “Save the Earth” Pelosi and Harry “Oil Makes Us Sick” Reid.) Still, precedent is precedent. Until 2008.

It’s shocking when you consider that Obama has received just about the biggest media build-up in the history of our nation. And with so many well-informed Hollywood celebrities unafraid to show their backing of The One™, the public was sure to follow suit. I mean, if we aren’t afraid to imitate Jennifer Aniston’s hair, surely we aren’t afraid to imitate her politics.

Read it all here.

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