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December 10, 2008

Not Even Democrats Want to Touch Blagojevich with a 10-Foot Pole…Why?

I discuss the Blagojevich scandal over at FSM today:

When political scandals hit the fan, here’s how they are usually dealt with: Republican offenders are almost immediately vilified by the press and then hounded by their own party to step down either from their leadership position or their elected office – or both. Democrat offenders are given the benefit of the doubt by the press (at least in the beginning), and their fellow party members circle the wagons to protect them from criticism on the right.

However, the ever-expanding scandal of Democrat Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff John Harris being arrested on federal corruption charges doesn’t fit the usual Democrat “never say surrender” playbook. What gives?

Here's the whole thing.

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Posted by Pam Meister at 09:33 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0) | FSM

Great stuff as always! Obama is denying he had contact even though they met last Tuesday! That takes chutzpah!

Posted by: Wyatt Earp at December 11, 2008 09:09 AM

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