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December 30, 2008

Caroline Kennedyís Treatment Sexist? Hardly.

Over at FSM today:

Of course, Roff is correct that Kennedy meets the bare bones requirements. And naturally, Paterson may select anyone he likes to replace Hillary Clinton in the event her nomination as Secretary of State is approved. Yes, Roff does touch on the idea that political dynasties are anathema for many Americans, but heís missing the main point: it wasnít sexism that Palin was up against, but elitism. The sexist comments about her motherhood being a barrier to doing a good job as vice president were just a sideline, permitted because she didnít make the grade as far as elitists were concerned. Remember, Hillary Clinton also had to face some sexist blowback, but that was only after liberals and the lapdog media had decided that Barack Obama was their man.

Read it all here. And yes, I had Caroline Kennedy on the brain this week...

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