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January 06, 2009

Hi, Iím Senator Al Franken Ė and if You Donít Like Me, Youíre a $%&! Jerk

Over at FSM today:

Anyhoo, I'm just about to sign the contract for my next big gig: Senator from the great state of Minnesota! Getting rid of Ė I mean, defeating Norm Coleman wasn't easy. First, I had to actually campaign. It was really tough answering questions at events where only one person showed up. Boy, I feel sorry for that guy Ė just imagine the pressure he was under! And some people may tell you I'm a bully and have a foul mouth, but I'm here to say that's simply not true. I just don't like (bleep) conservatives Ė especially those who come to my events and who work for talk radio hosts who are more successful and better looking than me.

Read it all here.

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Posted by Pam Meister at 09:27 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0) | FSM

If this young girl who wrote this nonsense about Al Franken had paid any attention, whatsoever, to the Senator-Elect's Campaign or the GOP slush-funded Election Contest presently underway; I'm sure she'd offer-up some kind of apology. Senator-Elect Franken ran a Campaign focused on the issues without low-road smearing and mud slinging. His opponent did not. Today, the GOP is in Court trying to undo Franken's 225 vote win.
The 3-Judge panel has shown compassion and mercy toward the witnesses the GOP paid to perjure themselves in court and got caught lying, on the stand. The witnesses get excused and the Ruling is called "Minnesota Nice". They should go to jail. Al Franken is a bright, intelligent, non-corrupt, shining example of a man who threw his hat into the ring and campaigned good and hard to become a Senator. If things stay on-the-level in Minnesota and the liars are politely thrown-out of Court; Franken should be sworn-in as Senator inside of a week or 10 days.
I was going to write this piece like Pam wrote the Franken piece. Pretend to be her and admit for her that she was just regurgitating what she had heard from those who don't like Al Franken.
She has shamed herself quite enough. Her College Diploma qualifies her to be a Journalist some day. But that day isn't going to be any time soon unless she rids her ink of venom, chooses some other color of ink besides yellow and adopts the "Six Honest Serving Men" of Rudyard Kipling to guide her from this moment forward.

Posted by: Richard Massey at February 2, 2009 08:12 PM

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