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January 13, 2009

Prince Harry's 'Racist Remarks' - Is Media Outrage Justified?

My latest at FSM today:

Obviously, I dont know if Prince Harry is a bigot or racist as I have, and never will, meet him. Its possible to explain away his public faux pas perhaps the latent anti-Semitism in Europe led him to believe wearing a Nazi costume was acceptable; perhaps the Paki and raghead comments were merely his indulging in the tough talk that soldiers may use when they are amongst themselves. (Or maybe hes rebelling against his father who has been rumored to be a closet convert to Islam.)

Then again, Harry may well be a closet racist/bigot. If he is, bad cess to him.

But the bigger question is this: Why is it that Prince Harrys remarks are met with such horror by the press, while they barely bat an eyelash at pro-Hamas protests like this one in Fort Lauderdale, where participants told Jews to go back to the oven?

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