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April 07, 2009

Google and Yahoo Blocking Sites Showing Obama Bowing to Saudi King?

Not that this site gets oodles of traffic anyway, but there are reports that sites that feature the photo of Obama bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - a major breach of protocol and a major breach of taste - are being blocked by Yahoo and Google. This came in an e-mail - please note that I have no official confirmation, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least:

Google and Yahoo apparently have censured access to WND.com and to a number of blogs where the ignominy was being shown. Save the pictures and the video shown in the American Thinker article, before the Obamista "Civilian National Security Force", embodied in this case by Google and Yahoo, censures it. Remember that the might of Lenin's Cheka and Hitler's Gestapo resided in great part in the hordes of civilian informants and collaborators that supported them.

And of course, the MSM is in full spin mode.

Funny, isn't it, that Obama bowed to the Saudi king, head of a police state that continues the despicable act of slavery and treats women as less than chattel, but didn't make the same mistake with Queen Elizabeth? Hmmm... Cliff Thier has more on the bowing phenomenon and what it portends for American/Middle East relations.

Enjoy the photo here; and be sure to download it yourself. Also, if you can, download the video (found at Michelle Malkin's site). And while you're at it, read this.

Obama Bowing to Saudi King.jpg

"We are not worthy!"

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