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September 19, 2006

Blogs 4 Heather: The Complete Wilson/Madrid Debate

New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid (D), who is running against House incumbent Heather Wilson (R), has refused to participate in televised debates with Wilson. For those of you who are directly affected by this nationally watched race (and for the rest of us), Mario Burgos provides us with a tape of one debate.

Mario comments:

I admit it, and I was kind of annoyed that our Attorney General, Patricia Madrid, refused to participate in televised debates with Congresswoman Heather Wilson before the commencement of early voting. Madrid's camp decided that it was in her best interest not to be seen. I think it's in the voters' best interest to see the candidates they are considering in a format that is not 100% completely scripted by high paid political consultants.

Click here to watch.

Remember, if Democrats take the House, it means Nancy Pelosi will likely be Speaker, and that would make her third in line for the presidency...a scary thought indeed.

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April 10, 2006

Kos Notices Blogs 4 Heather

I guess you've made the big time when you're noticed by Daily Kos. Blogs 4 Heather (spearheaded by my pal Chris over at Lucky Dawg News) has garnered the ire of Lord of the Left. (All emphasis below mine.)

The Swift Boats are out again! Except, this time in the form of some fairly incompetant, not very intelligent bloggers over at Lucky Dawg News (www.luckydawgnews.com).

They have set up "Blogs 4 Heather" to "stop Nancy Pelosi's takeover of Congress!!!" They've said some pretty extremist things about Democratic nominee Patricia Madrid:


imaPROgressive's diary :: ::
"Patricia Madrid wants America to lose the war on terror. ... she's a weak, appeaser that wants America to tuck tail and run from our enemies... Madrid's appeasement ignorance... Madrid is a self serving coward... Patricia Madrid's pre 9-11 mindset, cut and run strategy, baseless attacks on our commander and chief, and not supporting the troops"

I don't think words can describe how ridiculous this is. Not only is it ridiculous, it's dangerous. Despite the fact that these extremists come from the fringe of the Republican Party, I think that it's an omen for what's to come: nastiness.

This year, Republicans can't win on the issues. So, they're going to ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. All across the country, they're going to lie about our candidates and make very personal, very inappropriate attacks. When a vicious, spiteful dog is backed into a corner as the Republicans are with their failed policies, all they have left is to attack, and that's what they're going to do. Look out!

Kos spelled "incompetent" wrong. But that's just me being nitpicky, despite my own incompetence.

Take a look at the phrases I highlighted above. Psychologists call this sort of thing Freudian projection:

A defense mechanism in which the individual attributes to other people impulses and traits that he himself has but cannot accept. It is especially likely to occur when the person lacks insight into his own impulses and traits.

And, as Pat at Brainster said in an e-mail, "Being compared to the Swiftees is an honor!"

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April 07, 2006

Blogs 4 Heather: Brainster Gets Results

Admitted S&M fan Stephen Elliott in San Francisco, who has been fundrasing for Patricia Madrid (Heather Wilson's main rival for her Congressional seat representing New Mexico), got caught making nasty remarks about Wilson. In fact, he called her evil.

What's even better is that Pat at Brainster caught him out.

Even better than that, Elliott is trying to backtrack.

Go to Brainster for all the details. Way to go Pat!!!

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April 04, 2006

Blogs for Heather: Patricia Madrid's Silence

Mario Burgos is one of the Blogs for Heather Wilson clan, and he has an interesting post about Wilson's main rival to date, Patricia Madrid here.

Be sure to check out all of his posts. As a New Mexico resident, he has a good handle on what's going on.

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March 16, 2006

Blogs for Heather: Patricia Madrid's Supporters

Once upon a time, a local congressional race would stay local. This is no longer the case in today's politics. Candidates often receive donations and support from people outside of their jurisdiction. It's legal, of course, but the nature of such support can be telling.

Take the race in New Mexico. Incumbent Rep. Heather Wilson is facing opposition from New Mexico DA Patricia Madrid. A fundraiser was held for Madrid recently...in San Francisco. And who organized the event? Stephen Elliott, a member of the transgender S&M community.

Big deal, you might say. But Chris at Lucky Dawg News (a New Mexico resident who is represented by Heather Wilson) has this to say:

New Mexico is a conservative state for the most part, with the exceptions being places like Albuquerque and Santa Fe. These cities have been overrun with blue state transplants. Thanks to these people, places like Santa Fe, have become too expensive to live in. They bring their lack of morality with them too. I often refer to Santa Fe as the adobe San Francisco.

Will conservatives care who's supporting Madrid in San Fran? Time will tell. Chris also has this to say about the race in general:

I've mentioned quite often on this thread that the race between Congresswoman Heather Wilson and her liberal opponent Patricia Madrid isn't just a New Mexico thing. This race has implications that reach far beyond this state. Patricia Madrid doesn't represent New Mexicans in any way, shape, or form. She represents the out of state hate Bush crowd, the appeasement crowd, the bath house crowd, and the absolute vilest pond scum of the left. Madrid is a tool for Howeird Dean and Nancy Pelosi to regain control of our congress.

Keep your eyes on this one, folks.

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February 27, 2006

Blogs For Heather: The Money Trail

Chris over at Lucky Dawg News pointed out this breakdown of campaign donations to both Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) and her likely opponent in November, Democrat Patricia Madrid.

It's interesting to see which groups contribute to whom, isn't it?

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November 22, 2005

Wilson on Iraq: Better There Than Here

Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) knows what's what in Iraq:

Released on 11/18/05

After September 11, 2001, we made a decision to play offense in fighting the
war on terror, to track down enemies who would kill Americans and give them
no place to hide. Our troops are doing a fantastic job, and terrorists know
they have no hope of defeating our troops in the field. They know that the
center of gravity in their fight is to undermine the will of the American

I would rather have American soldiers hunting down terrorists over there,
than have American firefighters and police officers responding to attacks
here at home.

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