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September 02, 2005

Feeling Guilty: Another Effect of Katrina

Kitty over at Kitty Litter has posted on her feelings of guilt because she is safe and sound in upstate New York:

If I had ever entertained thoughts of cutting back on cable movie channels, I dismiss them now and bless their prescence, instead. Anything to block out the news of a situation over which I have no control. To block out the utter helplessness I feel. To stop myself from thinking what if? .. I feel guilty, too. Guilty because I'm trying to avoid hearing about their suffering. Terribly sorry, old girl, if our misery intrudes upon you. We'll try to suffer and starve and die more quietly. But I can't escape; there's always something there to remind me.

It's kind of like those "Feed the Children" commercials. Because we can't save everyone, we find ways of blocking it out.

Don't worry, Kitty, you are in good company.

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