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September 02, 2005

Unemployment Down, Bush at Fault: News at 11

As the nation struggles to cope with the disaster known as Katrina, we get this bit of what should be welcome news:

The nation's unemployment rate dipped to a four-year low of 4.9 percent in August as companies added 169,000 jobs, a sign that (AP) - the labor market continued to gain traction before Hurricane Katrina struck.

Of course, these numbers do not take into account all those who lost employment due to the hurricane.

And because the numbers will rise again, it'll be Bush's fault--because the hurricane is his fault. (Despite the lack of hard evidence, global warming--which is Bush's fault--causes hurricanes, even though they were around since before the Industrial Revolution.) Even how he reacted is his fault--because he acted in a calm, rational manner, people on the left think he doesn't care. Because he flew over the devastated area instead of rushing in against the advice of officials on the ground, he doesn't care. Since when do we like our leaders to act like chickens with their heads cut off when a crisis hits? Do these people expect him to be down there tossing sandbags on the levees instead of making important decisions about aid?


*Gary over at Ex-Donkey Blog shares his thoughts on the subject.*

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Check out a site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying "It's All George Bush's Fault!"


Notta Libb

Posted by: Notta Libb at December 17, 2005 01:11 AM
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