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August 29, 2005

Honoring a Soldier

As the nine regular readers of this blog know, I went to a wedding over the weekend. (No, Wyatt Earp, I did not crash it!) Amidst all of the usual hoo ha that goes along with such a gala event, I was honored to once again meet Joe.

Joe is a sergeant in the National Guard who recently returned from a year and a half in Iraq. Because of the occasion (and his own modesty), he didn't talk much about his time over there, except to say that he expects to be called back and will go without complaint. (In his civilian life, Joe is a college professor. I wonder how much heat he takes on campus regarding his military duty?)

The best man, during his obligatory speech, made special mention of Joe and we all applauded him. Later, during the dancing, the band (a great Irish band...unfortunately I didn't get their name) played a wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace and dedicated it to Joe. Again, there was a rousing cheer and a round of applause, and Joe was both surprised and touched. Like most in our military, I'm sure he hears much about those who are doing their best to undermine our efforts in Iraq and little of the great amount of support that is really out there.

I'm hoping to get to ask Joe some questions about what he and his team accomplished in Iraq and more about the people over there. In the meantime, I know he is enjoying his time at home, and will again serve his country when asked to do so because it's what he pledged to do.

We need more people like Joe. Even more, we need to remember to honor their service to us.

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