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August 29, 2005

Teddy Kennedy: More Hot Air than a Dust Storm in Iraq

Remember the old E.F. Hutton ads? "When E.F Hutton speaks, people listen." The good senior sentator from Massachusetts wishes he had that kind of reputation.

Here is a statement he released yesterday regarding the latest snag in the drafting of the Iraqi constitution:

"The rejection of Iraq's draft constitution by Sunni negotiators is an enormous setback. No amount of spin from the Administration can hide this basic fact, and the American people understand that. The administration needs to outline a realistic strategy that takes into account what is actually happening on the ground. So far it has not."

Of course, Teddy "Sink or Swim" Kennedy has yet to offer any constructive criticism other than our pulling out of Iraq as soon as possible. This is not surprising, considering Kennedy's history of "cut and run" when the situation gets tough and leaving others to deal with the mess.

Fortunately, President Bush has more integrity than Teddy Kennedy.

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