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June 21, 2005

Durbin Apologizes...Now What?

Dickie Durbin has apologized. Was his apology heartfelt? The words sounded good, but his future actions will be what really count. We'll be keeping an eye on you, Senator.

Oh, and I never did get a reply about Durbin from my senators, Dodd and Lieberman. I'm not surprised about the brushoff from Dodd...he's a pompous ass...but I thought Lieberman had a little more integrity. Yes I know senators are busy, yada yada yada, but hey, I'm busy too. I work full time with a long commute, I have two children, and I volunteer with the Girl Scouts and my local community theater. I don't have a staff to help me with little tasks like sorting through mail and getting my morning cuppa joe.

Thanks for nothing, Senators.

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