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June 21, 2005

Bolton Blocked...Again!

Good gravy...the Party of the Impotent just can't help itself. Once again, the Dems have blocked a vote on John Bolton for UN ambassador.
"We ought to move on and get a different nominee," argued Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.
No, Doddy, you should just vote on the candidate at hand. (Boy, am I glad I can say I never voted for Dodd!)

Well, if it's another candidate they want, Blame Bush has a great candidate: Saddam "Cuddles" Hussein:

While Bully Bolton is a bullying bully who bullies his subordinates, Saddam jokes withand gives fatherly advice to his captors. Bolton holds grudges against those who don't march lockstep to the beat of his drum, but Saddam has no hard feelings for the chimp who bombed his palaces in the incorrect order and then chased him down a spider hole. Bolton belittles the very organization he seeks to work for, yet Saddam has a long record of cooperation with the UN, and would sooner eat a bowl of Fruit Loops than defy France.

Hey, stranger things have happened. Who could hate a guy who likes Doritos?

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