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May 02, 2005

Sicka Fonda

Alright, I've posted on Janie before, but I'm going to do it again.

She is NOT SORRY for what she did during the Vietnam War. Why she wasn't charged with treason is beyond me, but that aside, how she (and other likeminded folk) can remain blind to the true horror that is communism and what happened in Vietnam after the U.S. pulled out is most definitely beyond my ken.

As Janie goes around the country hawking her new book (which apparently has little tidbits about one of her husbands "forcing" her into threesomes and other titillating trivia), Vietnam veterans everywhere are outraged that she continues to hold her head high about her role as an aider and abetter to the enemy. She viewed herself (and continues to do so) as simply a protester. But, as Dexter Lehtinen points out in the National Review, her actions were reprehensible:

First, of course, are the facts that she joined the enemy gun crew at all and made two visits to North Vietnam. Second, Fonda's self-initiated broadcasts on Radio Hanoi accused Americans of being war criminals. It was these broadcasts from the enemy's capital (not the gun photo) that gave her the lasting handle "Hanoi Jane" in emulation of "Tokyo Rose," an American who broadcast Japanese propaganda in World War II. In her self-proclaimed FTA ("F*** the ArmyÓ) rallies, she claimed that personal atrocities "were a way of life for many of our military".

Third, Fonda exploited American POWs for Communist gain, asserting that the POWs were being treated humanely following a Communist-controlled visit. In fact, the remarkable POWs who showed any resistance to the Fonda visit were beaten severely and she betrayed the POWs by falsely claiming that they expressed "disgust" and "shame" over what they had done. When the returning POWs
reported their torture, showing their broken bodies as proof, Fonda called them
"hypocrites and liars.Ó She claims in her book that she was "framed."

Fourth, Fonda ignored the non-Communist Vietnamese and Cambodians who
resisted the Vietnamese Communists and the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, showing no
concern for their fate. Fonda continued to support the Communists against indigenous non-Communists even after American withdrawal. She was not "anti-war"; she was "pro-war" Ñ for a Communist victory. She was not even "anti-atrocity" per se, remaining silent on Communist executions of Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians (such as the 3,000 slaughtered with their hands tied in Hue in 1968, or the final tragedy following Communist victories in 1975).

So for Janie to express her "regret" for being photographed on top of an anti-aircraft gun is really her saying she's sorry that she was exposed for what she was...a traitor to the cause, even though she'll never admit it to her dying day.

While I don't agree with one veteran's way of dealing with Fonda (spitting tobacco juice on her at a book signing), I do understand the feelings that prompted his action. Spitting on Fonda like that only puts her in a sympathetic light...and it's just as childish as the students who have been throwing pies and other foodstuffs at conservative speakers on college campuses of late. (Would the veteran have been tolerated for more than a few seconds if he had asked questions rather than hawking a lugie at Fonda? Not likely, I have to admit...he would have been hustled right out by security.)

Fonda's actions then and now beg the eternal question: if communism is so wonderful, why are she and other commie sympathizers still here? Those of us who ask, however, are dismissed as too simpleminded to understand all of the "nuances" involved. (Shades of John Kerry?)

Jane Fonda has always lived in a kind of Wonderland Ñ where American POWs are liars and Communist tyrants are honorable men. Now she says that "the U.S. loss represented our nation's chance for redemption" and that the Communist victory "symbolizes hope for the planet." Her latest foray into the Vietnam War only shows that, unlike Alice, Jane Fonda has yet to emerge from Wonderland.

Lehtinen put it quite succinctly, don't you think?

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