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March 27, 2005

One-Stop Shopping for Your Ward Churchill Needs

Tom over at Pooklekufr: The Kafir Constitutionalist clued me in on a great website that concentrates on the latest follies of everyone's favorite "American Indian professor," Ward Churchill.
Pirate Ballerina brings you everything Ward Churchill in one neat package. From Victor David Hansen's take on him (The Seven Faces of "Dr." Churchill) to Phylis Schlafly getting to the heart of the problem with academia, Pirate Ballerina does much of the search and find so that you, the discerning reader, can sit back and let your blood boil without having to tire out your fingers with excessive keyboard tapping.
Be sure to check it out...I guarantee your satisfaction! (I can't promise your money back...sorry, this isn't an informercial!)

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