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March 27, 2005

Bye Bye, Kofi???

The Sunday Times Online-Britain has an exciting report regarding the possible departure of our dear friend, Kofi Annan, at the UN.

One close observer at the UN said AnnanÕs moods were like a Òsine curveÓ and that he appeared near the bottom of the trough.

Near the bottom of the trough? Nice analogy, as the scandals that have plagued the UN on Annan's watch have brought that institution into the slimy mud and muck of the barnyard that is world politics.

Much of Annan's current angst stems from son Kojo Annan's involvement in the Oil for Food brouhaha, and his having received over $400,000 from a Swiss company that received contracts from the Oil for Food program. Kojo, taking his cue from papa, denies any wrongdoing.

Of course, we can't forget about the sexual abuse of women and children in Africa under the guise of UN peacekeeper "protection." It's hard to figure out which situation is worse.

Another tasty quote:

ÒKofi Annan is going to find his position increasingly untenable,Ó said Nile Gardiner, an expert on the UN at the conservative Heritage Foundation. ÒThere is a strong possibility he will resign voluntarily because of his declining credibility.Ó

Let's hope Mr. Gardiner is correct. The old code of the sea said that the captain should go down with the ship. In the case of the UN, the captain should jump off and take his chances with the sharks, and let the rest of the crew try to shore up the ship's damaged hull. And if that's not possible, then the ship should be scuttled and allowed to sink below the waves, with what little dignity she has left.

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