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February 27, 2006

Clooney on Controversy: I'm Lovin' It

There are bloggers I know who can't be bothered with posting about celebrities, and frankly, they're better bloggers than I am. I just can't help how some of these people really get under my skin.

Take George Clooney, for instance. In a recent interview (overseas, of course), Clooney said he relished being branded as a traitor regarding his open disagreement in the Iraq war.

Clooney, who has weathered attacks since opposing the 2003 Iraq invasion, said at one point that it was "frustrating" to be listed as a "traitor" on a set of playing cards, but he also accepted people's right to free speech.

He later admitted he relished the attacks.

"I think it's important to be on the right side of history," Clooney said.

"I want to be on that deck of cards. And I want to be able to say that they boycotted my films... I want to be able to say I was on the cover of a magazine called a 'traitor,"' he said.

"I'm proud of those because those were badges of honour for me because that was when you did it when it was hard to do," the actor and director said.

The free publicity didn't hurt either. And really, how hard could it be trumpeting one's leftwing anti-war views to a leftwing anti-war press, while surrounded by one's leftwing anti-war friends? Does anyone feel that cold chill yet? How can you with all the hot air?

I have news for Clooney and others like him: While he may or may not be on the right side of history (who will know for another 50 years or so?), one thing is for certain: he will not be in the history books. Trivia books, perhaps, but not the history books. That honor (or dishonor) is saved for the real players. I guess it's hard to realize that you aren't going to be a part of history when popular culture lionizes you during your lifetime...or at least as long as your movies continue to make money.


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