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May 31, 2006

Guilty for a Second Time

For the second time, John Allen Muhammed was found guilty of the terror he inflicted upon the citizens in the Washington D.C. area back in 2002. (Was it really that long ago?) From the Washintgon Post:

A jury deliberated less than five hours yesterday before finding John Allen Muhammad guilty in each of the six sniper slayings in Montgomery County, marking the second time he has been held responsible in the 2002 rampage that terrorized the Washington area.

The verdict, returned in the county where the snipers did most of their killing,ended a four-week trial that brimmed with new claims about the mechanics of the slayings and the motives behind them. The source of those claims was Muhammad's younger accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, who agreed to plead guilty and testify for the first time against the man he once regarded as a father.

Muhammed is already in death row in Virginia as a result of his 2003 conviction there.

Malvo, whose testimony was key during this trial, "testified that he expected no leniency in exchange for his [guilty] plea and was cooperating with prosecutors because he wanted to help the victims' families and to confront Muhammad."

Taking responsibility for his crimes. That is a novel concept indeed in these times, when the criminal is so often portrayed as a victim. Who knows? If it hadn't been for Muhammed's "tutelage," Malvo may have turned out to be an exceptional young man.

Of course, we will never know now.

"I don't see how he [Muhammed] can stand in front of the judge and the lawyers and the family members and the public and say he didn't do it," said Vijay Walekar, whose brother was killed while pumping gas. "I just don't see how he does it."

He's a killer who hoped to get away with it. He is evil. That's how.

Michelle Malkin reminded us last week of what was really behind the killings. You won't see these drawings anywhere else.

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