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August 17, 2006

Deputy PM: Bush Is Crap

While there's no official record, Britain's Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is said to have referred to President Bush and his administration as crap. But why did he say it?

The remark is said to have been made at a private meeting in Mr Prescott's Whitehall office on Tuesday with Muslim MPs and other Labour MPs with constituencies representing large Muslim communities. Muslim MPs wanted to press home their objections to British foreign policy and discuss ways of improving relations with the Muslim communities.

Of course. Sucking up to the Muslim community is more important than finding out what's really going on. But that's just politics as usual. It's funny how you never hear about politicians in any Western country worrying about how to improve relations with Christian or Jewish communities...

And of course, the old cowboy jokes just had to come out. According to MP Harry Cohen, who was present at the meeting:

"We also had a laugh when he said old Bush is just a cowboy with his Stetson on. But then he said, 'I can hardly talk about that can I?'

That Prescott is brilliance personified.

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