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March 06, 2007

NBC: Iraqis Want Us to Stay; Terrorists Want Us Out

Shocking but true: NBC, a charter member of what Rush Limbaugh likes to call the "drive by media," has actually broadcast what conservatives have known all along from sources like Michael Yon and others.

Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor, reporting from Iraq for MSNBC.com:

"They do not want us to leave. They want to see the police come through," says U.S. Army Col. John Charlton.

"The people here are very glad to see us very hesitant for us to go. They want us to stay and to keep beating down the insurgents," U.S. Army Lt. Col. Charles Ferry says.

Brian Williams (to Col. Charlton): You just said, They don't want us to leave. That's the 10th time today I've heard that. I've got to go back to the States and do a newscast that every night has another politician or 12 of them saying, We have got to get out of that godforsaken place.

NewsBusters has more from the actual television broadcast, regarding the view taken by terrorists. Reporter Richard Engel:

"Some say they are just waiting to see how long the U.S. will stay and how long this surge will continue. It was obvious, the U.S. announced surge, they said where the U.S. troops were going and the militia decided they fought the U.S. two-and-a-half years ago, didn't have a lot of success. They decided this time they're going to wait it out, see if political pressure in the U.S. can help them win this time."

Hear that Nancy? Harry? Hillary? Obama? All other naysayers?

While this is encouraging, I have come to expect so little from the MSM that I am afraid this may only be a blip on the radar. Still, credit must be given to Williams for going against the rip tide. In today's media groupthink, any deviation from the norm is welcome.

h/t: Scott Malensek

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