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June 27, 2007

Farewell, Tony Blair

Tony Blair is now the former Prime Minister of Britain. He made a final speech before the House of Commons this morning. His successor, Treasury chief Gordon Brown, takes control of the reins as of today.

While he is known for his unfortunate social liberalism (he has helped usher in Britain's ever-growing nanny state status), Blair has been a steadfast friend to the US during difficult times. Not once has he backed down from his decision to ally with us in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, he used this morning's speech to confirm that:

Blair also used the session to say he was sorry for the perils faced by British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he gave no apology for his decisions to back the United States in taking military action.

Blair expressed condolences to the families of the fallen, this week including two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

"I am truly sorry about the dangers that they face today in Iraq and Afghanistan," Blair said.

"I know some may think that they face these dangers in vain; I don't and I never will. I believe they are fighting for the security of this country and the wider world against people who would destroy our way of life," he said.

"Whatever view people take of my decisions, I think there is only way view to take of them: they are the bravest and the best," Blair added.

I know I wish Tony Blair only the best in the years to come. He stuck by us through thick and thin. Whether Gordon Brown will, or whether he will choose to let this unique trans-Atlantic friendship wither on the vine, remains to be seen.

Thanks for everything, Tony! (AP photo/Tom Hevezi)

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