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August 30, 2007

Hillary's Dirty Laundry

Yesterday, hubby sent me info on Hillary with the hopes I'd do a post about her latest donation scandal, but I didn't have time to get to it. However, Pamela at Atlas Shrugs did a great job on the topic, and so I send you to her place to read all about it.

I will say one thing, however: Hillary talks on and on about how her "experience" makes her the best choice for the White House. Experience doing what? Heading a health care reform team that was probably the most secretive group in the White House since the days of Richard Nixon? We all know how that turned out. Her other experience seems to be helping hubby Bill attain the absolute worst presidential legacy as far as various scandals within his administration...many including the two of them personally.

When Bill campaigned in 1992, he said voters had the chance to "buy one, get one free." But nothing in life is free. We got out of it not only one of the most scandal-ridden administrations in the history of this nation, but we get the "chance" for eight more years of the same.


What voters will need if Hillary is elected in 2008

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