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October 20, 2009

Tin Foil Hat Madness

As a longtime fan of comic books (husband-dude here) I've watched with some dismay as comic books have gone from subversive to outright deranged. The worst part is watching entertainment become increasingly politicized in every medium: Films, books, comic books, music. Just an outright avalanche of crap.

On the increasingly not so cool website aintitcool.com the following review for an independent comic called "The Last Days of American Crime" descends into outright lunacy. The story involves a near future where... get this... a Republican gets his hand on a mind control ray and uses it to alter everyone's pattern of thinking.

Here's the tin foil thinking behind this piece of fluff:

"I did think in terms of What if some neo-con ended up with this thing? There are a lot of ethical implications to mind control. Its obviously not something anyone should have. 'It sort of spun out from that, I was thinking Well, after 9/11 we gave up -- or had taken from us -- all our personal freedoms.' "

Gosh, we certainly did lose a lot of personal freedoms after 9/11. Habeus corpus suspended, assembly restricted, citizens sent to concentration camps, guns taken away, books burned, etc. I remember those dark days well.

This passes for normal... On the bright side, little kids aren't reading this nonsense as comic books have become overpriced and out of reach of a generation more interested in video games. Only comic book guys a la the Simpson's would waste their time putting such fine reading material in plastic slipcovers.

The real complaint is this. I go to sites such as aintitcool to get a break from the daily propaganda and constant background noise of politics - unfortunately there's no relief.

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