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October 29, 2009

All Hail the Whiner in Chief

Poor Barry - life in the White House has been a thrill except for one little thing - the criticism he received for his "date night" with Michelle on the taxpayers' dime, which also tied up much of New York City at the time:

"People made it into a political issue," Obama told The New York Times Magazine for an article about the Obamas' marriage, appearing in the Nov. 1 issue. The article was posted on the Times' Web site on Wednesday.

"If I weren't president, I would be happy to catch the shuttle with my wife to take her to a Broadway show, as I had promised her during the campaign, and there would be no fuss and no muss and no photographers," he said. "That would please me greatly."

Presidents, however, don't travel by any means other than secure government aircraft or vehicles.

Obama added: "The notion that I just couldn't take my wife out on a date without it being a political issue was not something I was happy with."

Considering the hefty pricetag and huge security nightmare that descended upon NYC's Broadway district, couldn't Barry have just taken the little woman to dinner in Georgetown and a night out at the Kennedy Center? Or would there not have been enough media coverage for sticking close to home?

He's also still kvetching about George Bush having "left" him this mess, for which Charles Krauthammer rightly takes him to task.

Every president is given a plateful of leftovers when he takes office, but I can't remember a president in my lifetime who continued to put the blame on his predecessor instead of taking responsibility for the current situation. He won a year ago! He's been in office nearly 10 months! When will he stop using George W. Bush as a punching bag every time the polls lurch downward? The campaign is long over, and finger pointing just isn't going to cut it anymore.

Time to man up, Barry, and quitcher bitchin'.

obama pointing2.jpg

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