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January 12, 2006

Judging the Judges

Debra Saunders has a great column on Town Hall today regarding the senators' questioning of Samuel Alito during the SCOTUS hearings. In particular, she has some scathing criticism of Ted Kennedy:

I've never understood what senators were thinking in allowing Kennedy on the Judiciary Committee in the first place. While Kennedy seems to consider himself a champion for the little guy, he is a walking tribute to a system that, in its low moments, allows the rich and powerful to get away with crimes that would put others behind bars. He is a discredit to the system.

Read the whole thing. Kennedy lobs questions about Alito's past connections with "questionable" associations, while he himself was allowed to put a terrible incident behind him with a slap on the wrist -- all thanks to money and family connections. Yet bringing up Chappaquiddick is considered to be poor sportsmanship among Dems and other Kennedy supporters. Sorry, but belonging to a club that might have had discriminatory leanings and allowing a woman to die (because even being with her is a blot on a married man's reputation) are two completely different things.

If Kennedy wishes people would stop bringing up Chappaquiddick, perhaps he should stop trying to smear folks like Alito with past associations that probably didn't mean much at the time and mean even less now.

UPDATE: For more on the Alito hearings, check out The Noonzwire and Ex-Donkey.

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